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Although each piece is designed and embroidered in Somerset, England, the bespoke veil journey is experienced by brides all over the world. Nothing is 'off the peg' here - but how bespoke do you want to go?


Every veil is lovingly designed in collaboration with my brides and the price of your veil is as unique as the design itself. Once you've been in touch and and we've started talking all things veils, we will work together on your tailored quote. But for now, these design levels will give you an idea of price points for a bespoke embroidered Rebecca Anne veil.



All veils


The Delicate Details

Design Level 1

£350 - £550

  • Your order includes the veil itself (an embroidery service onto veils bought elsewhere is not offered)

  • Choose your font size and style

  • Tailored creations from existing Rebecca Anne veil designs

  • Can include meaningful additions such as the traced handwriting of a loved one

  • Choice of embroidery tulle or The Pearl

  • Your veil is made to measure - width and length required

  • Veil design sketch and embroidery sample posted to you approximately 4 months before your wedding date

  • Your bespoke veil lovingly stitched and sent approximately 10 weeks before your wedding date

  • Discreet personalised designs

  • Elements of bespoke hand drawn artwork can be included

  • Approximately 30,000+ stitches to create your veil


Personalised artwork

Design Level 2

£550 - £950


A statement piece

Design Level 3

£950 +


  • A bigger focus on bespoke artwork whilst still including personalised details

  • Medium scale of veil embroidery

  • Hand drawn artwork in Rebecca's signature illustration style 

  • Approximately 80,000+ stitches to create your veil

  • A firm focus on statement bespoke artwork being the lead in the design process

  • More complex and larger scale hand drawn artwork in Rebecca's signature illustration style 

  • A veil with many components to create an edging or perhaps just a couple of statement components that are then embroidered over most of or all over the veil

  • Optional organza appliqué

  • Optional video call

  • Approximately 200,000+ stitches to create your veil

Examples in this category

A completely unique design

The Ruscus

The Wildflowers

The Organza

The Celestial

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