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Embroidered Script Veil Font Styles at Rebecca Anne Designs

Updated: Apr 16

Embarking on your exclusive bespoke embroidered veil journey with Rebecca Anne Designs is an exciting milestone in your wedding planning; this part is all about you, about us creating an accessory to make you feel like the most incredible version of yourself. The tulle is your oyster in that you can have absolutely anything you like embroidered, and one of the most popular options among brides is a custom Script Veil. I use ‘Script Veil’ as an umbrella term for any veil, ribbon, bow, cape, skirt etc. with some sort of wording stitched onto it, and one of the aesthetic decisions you’ll need to make is which embroidered script veil font to go for. I have 6 fonts to choose from, and I’ll take you through each of them and give you an idea of where they look most fabulous.

The Lyrics Font


The Classic Script Font

Classic by name, classy and timeless by design. The Classic Script is the first embroidered script veil font you can opt for, with a romantic flow and soft, curvy lettering. It’s the perfect marriage between chic opulence and readability, which makes it ideal for capturing your favourite quote or saying. The Classic Script looks gorgeous sweeping around the edge of your train, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads all day with your guests stopping to read your personal message. On longer veils such as chapel and cathedral length, the Classic Script embroidery sits beautifully in the ‘puddle’ of your train or glides effortlessly behind you. If you need a reminder of what the different lengths look like, you can read my guide to veil lengths and styles here.

The Classic Script

The Lyrical Font

The Lyrical font offers calligraphy style lettering with a slightly freer feel than the Classic Script, lending itself to those words that have woven a place deep in our hearts. This font can be used for something sweet and simple such as your initials, which looks effortlessly elegant at the centre bottom of your train. If you want to make a real statement with your wedding day accessory we can make it so that your veil is covered top to bottom, and this is the perfect font to use for that. Whether you want to keep it delicate or go big on drama, I can help guide you every step of the way to create a dynamic design with your favourite words. To see some examples of the Lyrics veil, have a look at this editorial featured on Love My Dress.

The Discreet Lyrical Font

Next up is the little sister of the Lyrical font, Discreet Lyrical. This is perfect for you if you know you’d like some bespoke embroidery on your veil or accessory, but don’t want anything too showy or obvious. Think of Discreet Lyrics as Lyrics in miniature, a lighter, more delicate version of the chic lettering. Discreet Lyrics can be used for your initials, wedding date or ‘Mrs’ embroidery and looks divine at the fingertip of your veil. Placing the embroidery here means it is, as the name suggests, discreet, but that you can also get some wonderful shots from your photographer with your ring and your veil. For understated luxury the Discreet Lyrical is the ultimate embroidered script veil font. See this font in action on one of my ribbons and the edge of a pleated veil here.

The Discreet Lyrics

The Typewriter Font

The Typewriter font is instantly recognisable and holds a certain nostalgic charm, however when used on your luxury bridal accessory it can look modern and impactful. You can choose to have the Typewriter font in upper or lowercase, and it can be used to adorn almost any type of veil or accessory. It’s possible to mix and match this lettering with other font types, for example combining the Lyrics font showcasing your initials with the Typewriter below to capture the date of your wedding. See an example of just that here! This embroidered script veil font is fabulous on all types of veil, but it really comes into its own when used on my bow and ribbon designs. These accessories are modern alternatives to veils and make wonderful ‘second look’ pieces, and the Typewriter font enhances the unique, couture style you’ve perfected. The Bow can be used as a statement hair accessory or as a luxe attachment on the back of your dress (gorgeous with a shorter length gown!), with your choice of quote or other bespoke wording trailing down its tails.

Something Bold

The traditional bridal adage ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ takes on new meaning at Rebecca Anne Designs. Around here, we can do ‘something BOLD’ (and something blue, as a matter of fact - ask me about sapphire stitching…). The Something Bold font is expressive and makes a statement, but remains classy with a high-end finish. This font is characterised by its uppercase, thicker lettering. I recommend using this for shorter quotes or phrases and leaving the rest of the veil blank, allowing your chosen wording to dance and breathe in all its glory. If you opt for the Something Bold font, don’t miss the opportunity to get some creative veil shots showing the silhouette of your chosen script - this one is the epitome of modern dynamism, with my signature exquisite finish.

Something Bold

The Signature Font

The final option for your embroidered script veil font is my brand new Rebecca Anne Signature font. It’s the newest addition to the collection and it’s the font I used on my very own wedding veils back in December! It’s modern and striking, with a pared-back luxury feel to it; exactly how I wanted my wedding day to feel. This font will be popular this year for quotes and wording along the bottom edge of the veil, and when the light catches the embroidered tulle, it’s magical.

Signature Font

Now we’ve talked all things fonts, I’m sure your brain is fizzing with ideas and excitement! Ready to share some of your ideas and get your spot in my diary secured? Fill in my contact form to set the ball rolling; my studio accepts a limited number of custom creations each month to ensure every one of my brides receives an exclusive commission experience, so don’t miss out. I can’t wait to start weaving your words!

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