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FAQ | How Long Do Bespoke Veils Take To Make?

Whether you've followed my work for some time or have recently discovered the bespoke beauty of embroidered veils, one of the most important things to know about is my unwavering passion for the pieces I design and create with my brides. It's so important to me that each and every one of you gets the designer veil experience you deserve, working directly with me from my Somerset studio. This exclusive process means I only take on a select number of brides each month. So, how long do bespoke veils take to make and why?

From the first 'hello', it's me who guides you through this very special journey. I design, draw and digitise; I pattern-cut, stitch, press and pack, and I LOVE it all. Rebecca Anne veils are never 'off-the-peg', and there aren't pre-made veils hanging in my studio ready to ship. In fact, every single veil is made from start to finish from an uncut roll of tulle so it can be measured to the exact dimensions you require, before being adorned with the custom embroidery design we dream up together.

Purchasing a ready-to-wear veil from a bridal boutique and ordering a tailor-made design from me are two entirely different processes, which is why I have lead times and rush order fees. It's all designed to ensure that when we work together, you get my undivided attention while working on your veil.

Rebecca smoothes out the tulle for a bespoke veil design, ready for cutting. She talks about how long it takes to make a bespoke veil design.

How long are my bespoke veil lead times?

Many of my brides come across my veils months (sometimes even years!) ahead of their weddings and secure their spot in my diary straight away. But some, perhaps yourself, find me with a little less time to work together. My standard lead time is 18 weeks (and I'll explain why in just a mo!), but if your wedding date is sooner than that there's no need to panic.

I usually have a little wiggle room in my diary for rush orders, but they do incur a small fee for the tighter turnaround time.

Does it take 18 weeks to make a bespoke veil?

Many of my brides come to me with bespoke design ideas that require extensive processes. Designing requires time, and time equals a smooth and enjoyable design journey for you and for me. The more time we have the better but 18 weeks is my minimum standard lead time, giving 8 weeks for designing and making. Your veil is then posted to you approximately 10 weeks before your wedding so that you have plenty of time to try it on with your dress.

In a minimum of 8 weeks I will:

  • converse with you via email (with a video design consultation too if you'd like)

  • collaborate on bringing together your ideas into elements of a succinct and considered veil design

  • send you a digital veil design, giving you a visual overview

  • hand-draw and then digitise elements of your design

  • test stitch those design elements

  • post samples of your embroidery to you for your approval (UK only)

  • hand cut your veil to the dimensions you require

  • print the paper templates of your embroidery and pin them to the veil precisely

  • send you photographs at this stage for your final approval

  • embroider the veil itself - this step alone can take anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks depending on the design

  • meticulously snip all of the end threads and press your veil before hand stitching it to the comb

  • lovingly fold and package your veil ready to post to you with a handwritten note

Your veil is then lovingly packaged and delivered to you approximately 10 weeks before your big day. Why? Firstly, after 10 years making veils, I choose not to have the stress on myself and my brides of having a veil delivered the week before a wedding - it's just not for me. Secondly, having worked in bridal boutiques (and got married myself), I think it's important to see your bridal styling come together before the big day. You've invested time, money and love into planning your bridal outfit - why would you want to wait until the day itself to see your vision come to life?

Rush Order Fees

Having developed and evolved my business over the years, I know that 18 weeks is a timeline that works seamlessly for me and my brides. Any lead times shorter than this incur a small rush order fee, due to having less time for the detailed process above.

During busy seasons I am usually booked up much further ahead than 18 weeks, so the small additional fee also reflects the fact that I'll need to work extra hours in my studio to complete orders. Whether you're looking for simple personalisation or statement artwork, the time frame exists to give us both the best possible experience.

I really want to dispel the rumour that any wedding designer, be it dress or veil, is out to make extra money from shorter lead times - we simply want to ensure that every bride is made to feel special and considered in the run up to her wedding day.

Whatever your time frame, the process is the same and I'm so excited to hear from you and bring your design ideas to life. If you're ready to nail the veil, head to my contact page and let's start talking!

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