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The (R)evolution of Rebecca Anne Designs

Updated: Apr 16

Rebecca Anne Designs is the home of the personalised veil, revolutionising bridal traditions to create fashion-forward, contemporary accessories that push boundaries and flirt with trends. Over the past year my brand has undergone its own revolution, culminating in a new brand style, a sleek new website and a daring new collection of embroidered veils. This is an insight into what inspired me to rebel against my own status quo and unveil a new era of bridal accessories.

Full body shot of Rebecca Anne Designs founder and designer
Rebecca Anne

Rebecca Anne Designs; A Personalised Veil Designer

My first branding look was created during the great you-know-what of 2020, and was everything I wanted it to be at the time; a stylised, high-fashion label vibe. I loved the chic style of it, but honestly it didn’t really feel like me. I’d always heard other people saying that they felt so connected to their branding, and I knew something was missing.

When I launched my first embroidered collection, I was making sales through my website but it quickly became clear that the majority of my brides wanted to work on a personalised veil design. Most of my orders were from brides looking for bespoke, unique creations and we were collaborating directly on beautiful, personal pieces. This made me reflect on my branding, because brides weren’t buying veils from a fashion house...they were buying them from my house (which has now become a studio!). I was working with my brides, and I needed my branding to feel more feminine and approachable, whilst remaining trendy and aspirational.

I worked with the wonderful and talented Lucy McSpirit who totally understood my need for a change in direction, and created the most beautiful new logo based on one of my own embroidery sketches.

When you order a bespoke bridal piece from me, it’s an exclusive journey. We’ll work together every step of the way to capture your style, the essence of your wedding day and all those intimate little details. Trust me when I say that style levels are rising to rebellious around here; click to read about the bespoke process from sketch to stitch.

Refreshing The Collection

I recently launched my brand new personalised veil collection, embodying everything that Rebecca Anne Designs stands for. It’s modern, taking on tradition and just waiting for you to discover and fall in love with it. Every one of the 16 pieces is fully customisable, so you can unveil your stylish truth and step into your confidence. A huge thank you to Kamila Nowak who brought my creations to life through her lens, capturing them in a style that exactly embodied my refresh.

Full body shot of model wearing a Rebecca Anne veil showing the Wildflower floral embroidery
The Wildflower Fleur veil

The new collection was guided by 18 months of working with incredible brides putting their faith in me to embroider their bespoke personalised veil designs. Some of my cherished pieces from the first collection proved to be so popular that they remained, like the effervescent ‘Celestial’ designs with their other-worldly enchantment. However, I had so many ideas for designs that would push the boundaries of bridal style into a whole new I started sketching and stitching.

Close up of model underneath the Cosmos veil covered in embroidered stars and constellations
Celestial Cosmos veil

My new range is a delicate marriage between capturing trends and reaching for rebellion. Some pieces are trend-led such as The Bow, but I also created from this a more versatile design in The Ribbon with its array of options for wear. My embroidery also took on new life - The Script style pieces and personalised veil designs with initials, names and dates have always been popular, but with my new, subtle Lyric font I was able to capture entire sentences and encourage brides to really go all-in.

Full body shot of model from behind of tulle bow design by Rebecca Anne
Bow veil

All the ideas that had been dancing in my head for so long have come to the fore in this new collection; I adored creating La Vie En Rose in Organza for delicate dynamism, adorning The Love Story with all your meaningful words, and introducing bold new capes, wings and skirts. Rebecca Anne brides can now find that statement piece to finish off their unapologetic bridal look, and that is what will continue to inspire me in all new pieces to come!

Close up of models hand holding embroidered word Adore from The Love Story veil in the new Rebecca Anne veil collection
The Love Story Veil

If you have a wonderful idea for the ultimate bridal accessory, I’d love to hear about it! You can use my contact form to tell me your ideas, wherever you’re at in your journey, and begin this magical process together. Click here to tell me about your wedding!

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