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A Day In The Life Of A Luxury Veil Designer

Updated: Apr 16

When you order your bespoke bridal accessory from Rebecca Anne Designs, it’s me you’ll chat to about your vision and share your wildest imaginings with. It’s me who’ll design, draw and digitise the custom elements of your veil, and me who’ll cut tulle to size, stitch pattern work and script, hand finish and finally package to send. Now I’m taking you inside a day in the life of a luxury veil designer - you’re invited to hang out in my sunny Somerset studio, and come behind the scenes as I turn my brides’ ideas into reality.

Every day when I arrive at my studio, I take a moment to be grateful for the gorgeous, sprawling grounds and the gentle morning light pouring into my windows. It really helps with creativity and productivity! What also helps is a good cup of tea, which is my next port of call. Then, I may start the day by spending some time chatting to one of my new brides about her design. I always say that even if you don’t know exactly what you’d like for your bespoke embroidered veil design, you can always book in to secure your date and then we can work on the details together later. Before I started my luxury veil design business I spent some time as a bridal stylist, so helping you bring together your overall look is firmly in my wheelhouse! On our calls I help turn your ideas into a cohesive design; whether we’re using a tracing of a loved one’s handwriting, creating a bespoke floral design or adding meaningful quotes or dates in your chosen font.

My next job of the day is to continue the stitching of some custom patternwork for a beautiful, statement show stopper of a veil. All custom designs are hand drawn by me and then digitised, before being machine stitched. This means the finished product is made with love and has that artisan touch, but is also precisely and finely stitched for the highest quality and finish. Ordering your veil from Rebecca Anne Designs is a luxury experience, and in order to produce the most exclusive, personalised products I concentrate on a small number of orders at any one time. Your veils are always made with love, and there’s nothing fast-fashion about my studio!

After machine stitching, every luxury bridal accessory is hand-finished; whether that’s a two-tier pleated veil, duchess satin bow or embroidered cape. This means hand snipping loose threads and then attaching to combs. At Rebecca Anne Designs quality comes before quantity, and the combs I use are made of metal rather than the customary plastic you may find elsewhere. I also have an alternative option for brides wearing their hair in a style that doesn’t accommodate a veil comb - for example, brides sporting a chic low bun often want their veils to flow out from beneath the knot rather than cascading down over it. If that sounds familiar, you may opt for my veil loops instead of a comb, allowing the veil to be secured in exactly the way you want it. Your veil is perfectly personalised to you, always.

It’s now time to press and package the finished product once it has been trimmed and pressed. This part is always so exciting, as I know you’ll be receiving your package and seeing your custom piece for the first time! I spend time adding little handwritten notes to each delivery, as the whole process is so personal and I really get to know my brides and their stories! It’s an incredible honour to be involved in so many of your wedding journeys in this way, and it’s for this reason that I only take on a limited number of commissions each month.

At the end of a day well spent in my happy place, it’s time to head home to my happy person (my husband, Jeremy!). It’s always lovely knowing that tomorrow will be filled with more unique, modern bridal accessory designs, and I never know what my brides will ask for next. Discover more about the bespoke process here. If you know you want something meaningful that could only ever be yours, no matter where you are in the world you can get in touch - let’s get together and #nailtheveil!

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