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Tell it in style through bespoke embroidery on your

custom wedding veil,

sewn in Somerset.

Bespoke, embroidered wedding veils that take you on the ultimate designer experience.


Veils are old news. They’re outdated, old fashioned and they symbolise a time when etiquette overruled style and brides were expected to make their way modestly down the aisle.


A black and white portrait of a bride swishing her veil in front of her


Rebecca Anne brides stride towards their happily ever after; their gorgeous faces beaming with love, excitement and confidence knowing that their look is as unique as the love story that brought them here and the one that waits for them after today. 


Your beautifully bespoke Rebecca Anne veil will add to your final look, not hide it. It will be an extension of your personality, your style and your story that elevates and celebrates you and your dress. 


The veil is no longer about modesty, disguise and old-fashioned traditions. 

Join the bridal rebellion and add the ultimate finishing touch. 



A portrait of a bride with her arms foded infront of her and her long ivory veil falling over her shoulder


When it comes to choosing your veil; there are no rules. You may have chosen the traditional venue, but that doesn't mean that your bridal look can’t take over tradition and turn expectations on their head. 


Your bridal outfit may take on a whole new dynamic when perfectly paired with a personalised, totally unique veil. 


Sure, vows are romantic. But have you ever considered having your heartfelt words of love, passion or commitment literally sewn into your veil?








I’m the founder and creative director of Rebecca Anne Designs and I’m so happy we’ve found each other. If you’re a modern bride looking for the ultimate designer veil experience, you’re in the right place. 


I’ve been dreaming, designing and handcrafting bespoke veils since 2015 and I’ve fallen in love with every single one. I think yours could be my next love affair. 


Deciding to opt for a bespoke embroidered veil is the ultimate designer veil experience. A veil created by me is stitched full of personality, passion and most importantly, you. 


I take tradition, acknowledge it and respect it, and then completely challenge it by boldly yet intricately adding your story - elevating and celebrating every extraordinary part of you. 


Your veil is more than just an afterthought, an accessory or an addition. It doesn’t have to simply clip-on or conceal. 


If you’re not dictated by tradition and in search of something truly unique, you're going to like it here. 




Feeling inspired? Take a look at some of my favourite bridal looks dreamed, designed and created by me with media coverage from some of my favourite gloabl bridal blogs



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  • Can I wear my veil all day?
    There really are no rules when it comes to your wedding veil and I adore the fact some brides choose to wear their veil all day. It goes without saying that a shorter veil is perhaps easier to wear all day but that doesn't mean you can't dance the night away in your long veil. Some brides order a short veil that is an extension of the design we've created for their main veil - that way they have an option for a second look in the evening and still wear a veil.
  • Should a veil be worn high or low?
    It can depend on your hair style and how you would like your finished styling to look. Wearing a veil higher in your hair will create a full look and allow the veil to fall over your shoulders a little. A popular placement for a veil is the crown of your head where it may be feels most natural. Wearing a veil lower in your hair allows the veil to fall in a more sleek way behind you.
  • Can I wear my hair in a ponytail with my veil?
    I adore a ponytail for bridal hair styling and you can absolutely wear a veil with it. Depending on how you'd like it to look, you could wear the veil above or below your ponytail. We could even look at designing a veil that splits in two and falls either side of your up-do.
  • Can my veil be shorter than my dress?
    If you're opting for a long style veil, for two reasons, I always recommend it falls beyond the dress by approximately 10" (or more if you prefer!). Firstly, you don't want to invest in bespoke embroidery for it to be lost against the dress fabric - it photographs better (and will be spotted by your guests!) if it falls past the dress. Secondly, a long veil that is a bit shorter than your dress train visually can look a little 'off' - like trousers that are just that bit too short! If you're opting for a short style veil, I am always happy to advise and recommend which points of the dress would be a good for the veil to sit - whether that be elbow, fingertip or mid-length.
  • Can I wear my hair down with a veil?
    You can wear your hair up or down with your veil. Rebecca Anne veils are handstitched onto gold metal combs which can easily be placed in many hair styles. If you're wearing your hair down, I recommend you discuss options with your hair stylist as each person has their own tips and tricks! From my own experience, you can backcomb the hair to give the comb something to grip into. Another way is to add a sneaky plait hidden in your hairstyle for the comb to slide into. However you go about it, I always recommend your stylist also uses extra hair pins to secure it in place.
  • Can I wear my veil under a low bun?
    You can wear your hair up or down with your veil. Rebecca Anne veils are handstitched onto gold metal combs which can easily be placed in many hair styles. If you're wearing your hair in a low bun, I actually recommend opting to have your veil made with veil loops rather than a comb. This gives the veil more flexibility to fit into a smaller area. Your hair stylist will use clips and grips to secure your veil underneath the bottom of your bun.
  • Do I have to wear a veil over my face?
    Traditionally, brides wore veil blushers over their face but in today's world it is a personal preference. A single tier is a column of fabric that falls straight behind you. A double tier veil has a shorter second tier known as a 'blusher' which can be worn over your face if you wish but also looks lovely falling behind you.
  • Can you embroider a veil I have bought elsewhere?
    As a designer, I pride myself on designing and stitching my veils from start to finish. From embroidery designing and stitching, to cutting out my tulle with precision, to handstitching securely to my signature gold combs. I do no offer the service of embroidering veils or products bought elsewhere.
  • How much does a bespoke veil cost?
    Bespoke veil quotes are as unique as the veils themselves. My veil prices start at £350 for a simple design with personalisation such as The Mrs or The Finishing Touch of initials/name and date. For bespoke veils with unique pattern work, I have brides spending between £550 and £1500. I am always happy to work with you on a design that suits your budget. You can see my price guide for more guidance before getting in touch.
  • Will my veil match my dress colour?
    My soft tulle has been sourced as the perfect fabric for my embroidery designs. As standard, I use a soft ivory that works beautifully with many shades of ivory dresses. Once you have ordered your veil, you recieve a sample in the post to be sure it works with your wedding dress. I am able to offer a range of different shades of tulle for brides who's dresses are more of a blush or champange colour (this does not include The Ribbon).
  • How do I enquire about working with you on a veil design?
    Please head to the contact form and tell me all about your wedding and your veil ideas - I am wedding obsessed so love to know all the details!
  • What length do veils come in?
    Every piece I make is completely bespoke and made-to-order. This means your veil can be made in absolutely any length! I am always happy to advise on styles, lengths and widths, but ultimately I will need measurements in cm/inches to make your bespoke piece. Once you've ordered, I can talk you through what you need to find out from your dress boutique/seamstress.
  • I need a long veil, is it Chapel or Cathedral?
    'Chapel', 'Cathedral' etc are terminology for veil lengths and can come in a range of actual measurements depending on designer. I am always happy to advise on length in terms of style, but it is a good idea that you liaise with your dress boutique on getting a measurement from comb to veil end. As standard, I suggest your veil falls 8-10" beyond your dress train but I am always happy to advise on what would be best for your bespoke embroidery design.
  • How does the bespoke veil process work?
    There is a dedicated page on my website telling you all about how your bespoke veil journey will look. If you have any questions following that, please get in touch via the contact form. I can't wait to hear all about your wedding and your ideas for your bespoke veil!
  • How far ahead do I need to order my veil?
    This is a tricky one to answer as it depends on a number of factors such a design and time of year. Some months I have a more flexible diary, whereas other months can be booked up very far in advance. My best advice is to get in touch with me as early as possible if you think you'd like to work together on a bespoke veil. For brides ordering in advance, I schedule your veil to be made and delivered to you approximately 10 weeks before your wedding and also require 8 weeks prior to that for designing. So anything under 18 weeks will be classed as a rush order which can incur fees. For international clients my lead time is 22 weeks (rush orders on request). I do try and leave time in my monthly schedules for rush orders so it is always a possibility - please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss options.
  • When do I recieve my veil?
    I schedule in creating your veil 2 months before your wedding to ensure delivery is with you 8 - 10 weeks before the big day. If you would like to recieve your veil on a different timescale, this ideally needs to be discussed when ordering so that I book you into the correct month.
  • Do you offer rush orders?
    I always try to leave time in my monthly production schedule to accommodate rush orders. My standard lead time is 18 weeks prior to your wedding - this involves 8 weeks for designing and making, and I post your veil approximately 10 weeks before your wedding so that you are able to try it on with your dress and see your completed bridal styling before the big day. If you place an order less than 18 weeks before your wedding date, it is likely to be placed on a rush order which incurs a fee of 10-15% (minimum £50) depending on design, timescale and time of year. Please get in touch to discuss options.
  • How is my veil packaged and how do I store it before my wedding day?
    Your veil will be tissue wrapped into a Rebecca Anne box and sent along with a veil clip and branded veil bag for hanging safely. I recommend carefully folding your veil in half or quarters lengthways and hang it over the gold hanger inside the veil bag to protect your veil and avoid too much creasing. Veil tulle is a delicate fabric and so is likely to crease through transit and handling - it might be a good idea to ask your dress boutique to steam the veil when you collect your dress. If this isn't possible, hanging the veil in a steamy shower room the night before your wedding will aid in dropping out any creases.
  • Do you deliver to the USA?
    Yes, I have many brides purchase all over the UK and beyond. Please contact me directly to discuss your destination and shipping charges. Please note, you may be required to pay customs charges once your parcel arrives at its country of destination.
  • What delivery service do you use?
    Your veil will be sent via Royal Mail using their Special Delivery service which is tracked, insured and will require a signature. For international clients I use UPS which is also tracked, insured and will require a signature
  • What payment types do you accept?
    BACS is preferred but I also offer Credit/Debit Card payment
  • Do I pay a deposit or pay in full?
    Some brides choose to pay in full but, as standard, I ask for a 50% deposit to confirm your order and secure your spot in my design schedule. The remaning balance plus postage is due 2 months before your wedding when I commence creating your veil. I am always happy to discuss different payment plans if you want to split the cost more.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    I ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order. The remaning balance plus postage is due 2 months before your wedding when I commence creating your veil. I am always happy to discuss different options to spread the cost for my brides with personalised payment plans.
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