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Should I Wear a Veil at my Wedding? Redefining Bridal Accessories

Wedding veils have long been associated with tradition, archaic symbolism and outdated expectations (purity, modesty, humility), but Rebecca Anne Designs has always strived for the opposite: a bridal revolution of fierce, fashion-forward accessories. My brides are choosing bespoke embroidered veils that are more chic than chaste, deeply personal in their design, and destined to become heirloom keepsakes. If you’re wondering ‘should I wear a veil at my wedding?’, let me tell you why the obsession started for me and how we can redefine bridal accessories together.

The Veil Moment: The Origin of RA Designs

Before I started making custom embroidered bridal veils (nearly 10 years ago!) I worked in boutiques as a bridal stylist. I began to notice what I fondly called ‘The Veil Moment’, when a bride-to-be would stand in her chosen dress and we would add a veil to see how it felt for them. Many brides at the time were unsure whether they should wear a veil at their wedding, but something magical often happened when they saw the trailing tulle…the outfit felt complete.

Real bride Charlotte (embroidered veil below): “On my wedding day, putting on the veil was the moment I truly felt ready and complete as a bride.”

A pearl veil embroidered with a bride and groom's name, wedding date and flowers

Joanna Ranson Photography

I have heard brides say that the addition of a veil is the final piece of the puzzle, really makes them feel as though they are getting married, and delivers a huge, sometimes unexpected rush of emotion that I felt right alongside them. It is so easy to overlook an accessory or view it as an add-on, but The Veil Moment gave me the belief that a veil is truly special and intrinsic to many a bridal look.

Integral to the Rebecca Anne Designs experience is the bespoke nature and high-fashion style of the veils we create together, elevating them into one-of-a-kind accessories. The Veil Moment is enhanced tenfold when there is such a personal connection, and the veil feels like a modern style choice.

Should I Wear a Veil at my Wedding? 3 Reasons to Say ‘I Do’

It’s possible that I’m a little biased, but I believe there is a veil style for every bride that will make her feel like the best, most gorgeous version of herself as she glides down the aisle. You don’t have to opt for a long, lace edged veil with a train if that doesn’t feel like you, and my collection of embroidered veil designs all deliver on impact and elegance. 

Visit my collection to discover my signature embroidered script veils, hand drawn florals, starry nights and custom poems, as well as a tempting array of textures from pleats and pearls to organza additions and satin bows and ribbons. My bold new Black Edit is waiting for you if you’re ready to join the deliciously dark side with a touch of ravishing raven.

PKay Bridal

Veil Photo Opportunities

Your wedding day isn’t all about the photos, but you’ll have them forever and will likely look back on them fondly. A veil provides so many gorgeous opportunities for photos - you getting ready and someone special placing it in your hair; your loved ones discovering the unique embroidered elements throughout the day; the classic aisle shot; you and your partner sharing a moment under the veil; striking silhouette shots…the list is endless. 

My inspirational gallery is full of artistic veil shots to show you just how playful and beautiful they can be - show these to your photographer so they know what you’d like to capture.

Heirloom Veils

Every veil that leaves the Rebecca Anne studio is made completely bespoke, to your own measurements and with your own very special details. This means every veil has the potential to become a treasured heirloom keepsake that can stay in your family for years, even generations. One of my past brides recently had her custom embroidered veil adapted for her new baby’s crib, the Dutch script ‘ik hou van jou’ seamlessly transitioning through to the next stage of their life together.

Embroidered veil reading 'ik hou van jou' in Dutch

Chloe Skidmore Photography

You can also choose to have your embroidery framed, or simply keep your veil as an eternal reminder of your special day. Whatever sentimental looks like to you, an heirloom accessory is the perfect way to ensure the memories, moments and feelings never leave.

Something Old, Something New…

My final reason to vote ‘yes’ to the question of whether you should wear a veil at your wedding is this: when else will you get the opportunity to wear one? Your wedding day is your chance to make all your dressing-up dreams come true, be a little extra and glow a little harder. A Rebecca Anne Designs veil is the perfect blend between the traditional accessory and the modern addition to your bridal styling, whether it’s long, flowing and classical or short and stylish and topped with a bow.

Time-honoured tradition meets twenty first century showstopper, because every veil is as unique as the bride who orders it. Even Tatler agrees, in their feature on fashion veils for 2024 and beyond.

A black script embroidered veil

Emma Pilkington Photography

Whether you should wear a veil at your wedding is a personal choice.

As a veil designer, I always advocate that you at least try one on during your dress shopping journey just to see what you think. The most important thing to note however, is that it all comes down to personal preference and you feeling 100% happy and confident with your bridal attire is key.

If you’re on the fence, book an accessories appointment at your bridal boutique or one of my stockists (yes, you can try samples of my embroidered veils on bridal shops globally!) and see whether you feel The Veil Moment. Remember, if you know you’d like a bespoke accessory but aren’t sure on the design just yet, no problem. You can always secure your spot in my diary and confirm the design details down the line.

Real bride Johanna (veil shown below): “I hadn’t initially expected to want a veil, however after trying some on I began searching for the right one and the right fit for me and my wedding. I came across Rebecca Anne Designs and fell in love with her romantic embroidery. After seeing her work I knew I had to have one. I’d recommend everyone adds a RA Designs veil to their wedding ‘must have’ list!”

Char Cook Photography

Since starting Rebecca Anne Designs I find that when I connect with other industry suppliers, they often tell me they wish I had been around when they got married or that they regret not wearing a veil. Your bridal style is yours alone and a very personal thing, but I always advise you to keep an open mind - you might just unveil a new love for accessories you never knew existed!

If you’d like to chat to me about bespoke designs or adapting one of my existing collection styles, I’ve got you - simply fill out my contact form and we’ll talk everything through together, no matter where in the world you are.

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