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Choosing A Veil: How to Curate Your Bridal Style

Updated: Apr 16

In case you hadn’t noticed, choosing a veil is kind of a Big Deal around here! At Rebecca Anne Designs I give convention the cold shoulder, empowering you to choose a veil that is so much more than a tulle tradition. I encourage you to view your veil as an alluring accessory, the ultimate addition to your whole bridal look. As such, there are lots of factors I recommend you keep in mind when choosing a veil! On your bespoke embroidery journey with me I’ll guide you at every turn, but this blog is full of style savvy suggestions to get you started.

Rebecca helping a bride try and choose different veils
Choosing a veil

Choosing A Veil For Your Hairstyle

Your luxury Rebecca Anne veil will make you feel heavenly from head to toe, so I’m going to start at the top and talk hairstyles! Too often, brides think their choice of veil dictates their hairstyle on their wedding day - I’m here to manoeuvre you around that particular myth. Traditionally, my veils are fastened into the hair using my signature hand-stitched gold comb. However, if you’re dreaming of a chic chignon or low bun hairstyle this often doesn’t leave much room to push the veil comb in securely. The solution? Veil loops! Veil loops are an adroit alternative to a comb which allow your hairstylist to securely pin your veil underneath your hair, creating a charming cascade and a sleek finish. Throughout your veil design process we’ll be in close contact, and I can advise on which style of fastening will work best for you!

Choosing a veil and a hairstyle for your wedding day doesn’t have to be limiting - my veil loops are revolutionising bridal styling, allowing you to feel limitless on your big day.

Veil Lengths

When it comes to choosing a veil that will fall flawlessly against your carefully chosen wedding dress, there is a range of lengths with fancy industry names to get to grips with! Although there are standardised names for different lengths of veil, the actual measurements can vary between designers. For this reason, I always like to measure from comb to end and work with you to determine the perfect length for you - we’re all uniquely proportioned, and just as no two Rebecca Anne brides are the same, nor are two Rebecca Anne veils! I custom cut the fabric for your veil so we can tailor it exactly, and for this we may need to contact your dress designer or boutique to make sure we get it absolutely right. With that said, let’s unveil the details…

Choosing a veil length is an important part of the bridal styling process
Veil lengths - The Chapel

Fingertip length

As the name suggests, when choosing this style of veil you’re looking for it to fall roughly to your fingertips! It usually comes out around 44”, but it’s a great idea to check where you’d actually like it to finish on you. When it comes to choosing your bespoke embroidery for the fingertip veil, I recommend a discreet detailing design such as The Mrs which sits sumptuously subtly near your new ring.

Waltz length

With an enchanting name and a dainty design, the waltz length dress falls roughly to your calf area and usually measures around 60”. This works perfectly if you’re choosing a veil for a midi length dress, as the lines of the two garments flirt fabulously with one another! The waltz also looks great with a full-length dress with no train of its own.

Chapel and cathedral length

Whilst the names of these two veil lengths suggest their suitability for a church wedding, chapel and cathedral length veils are incredibly popular with brides wanting something a little more extravagant for their embroidery! More fabric to work with means more space to play with your favourite words, cloak yourself in ceremonial celestial, or design your own completely bespoke storyboard - your veil can be as exquisite and fantastical as your imagination! Check out gorgeous real bride Ellie who I first worked with back in 2020 to design a custom veil featuring her pet dachshunds, and then again more recently when she wore the star-studded ‘Gravity’ from my celestial collection at her Euridge Manor wedding.

Chapel length veils are characterised by their short puddle trains, whilst cathedral length veils have long trains which can measure anywhere from 90” to 130”. This big variation in ‘standard’ lengths is the reason I always like to double check where you’d like your veil to finish! Anything longer than 130” is called royal length, so if you fancy feeling like queen bee on your wedding day you know what to ask for!

Hand drawn infographic showing the different veil lengths available
Veil Length Guide

Choosing A Veil: Tiers of Joy

As well as considering the length of your veil, you have options when it comes to how many layers it involves too. To be succinct; single tier veils have one layer, and double tier veils have two! Single tier veils are eternally popular and give a modern feel; they don’t distract from the lines of your dress, jumpsuit or whatever other rebellious bridal outfit you’ve chosen!

Single tier veils add a sleek modern finish to your bridal styling
Veil Styles - The Single Tier

Lately, I have noticed an up-turn in orders for double tier veils at Rebecca Anne Designs. The second layer is known as a blusher and is intended to be draped over the face - at one time it was worn to protect against evil, and more recently as a symbol of modesty and purity. In the spirit of rebellion, many of my brides are now ordering double tier veils but not wearing them over their face because of the dynamic look they create as they fall over the shoulders. Whether you use the blusher layer to embody an ethereal look or just love the design, the two-tier veil is officially back in vogue! You heard it here first…

Two tier veils add an ethereal finish to your bridal style
Veil Styles - The Blusher

For When You Just Can’t Choose…

More and more brides are now choosing to change up their bridal look for the party of a lifetime on their wedding day. The concept of a separate bridal look for the evening is becoming increasingly popular, and a fabulous outfit is never complete without the perfect accessory.

Dare to be different and wear a bridal bow as an alternative to the traditional veil
The Bridal Bow

In the words of the great Coco Chanel,

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

‘Different’ is one of the defining qualities of a Rebecca Anne accessory, which is why I have a range of customisable hair pieces such as bows, ribbons and even fedoras to continue the creativity in your second outfit. If heavenly hair accessories are not your thing, you might be tempted by something daringly dazzling such as my capes, skirts and wings! You can check out the whole collection here.

Remember, choosing a veil isn’t an afterthought. On your bespoke veil journey I’ll work closely with you on every element, from the sketch of your embroidery to the way the piece falls with your outfit. Together we’ll create your one-of-a-kind design to elevate your bridal look, and envelope you in something deeply personal and luxurious on your wedding day. To talk to me about developing a bespoke piece that you’ll absolutely rock, pop me a message via my contact form - let’s get revolutionary!


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