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The Perfect Veil Length | A Guide for Modern Brides

Having decided to dive into the wonderful world of bespoke elegance with a stunning embroidered veil, you'll know that it's not just a veil; it's a narrative spun with threads of dreams and stitches of love. And quite rightly, your chosen embroidery deserves its spotlight, and here's the secret: the veil length is what ensures every design detail gets its moment to shine. Grab your measuring tape and let's embark on this designer veil journey together to ensure your bespoke beauty steals the show on your big day!

Veil designer, Rebecca, holding out a short veil on a mannequin. The correct veil length is what ensures every design detail on a wedding veil is showcased.

Choosing the right veil length is a pivotal decision for any bride, as it can significantly impact the overall bridal look. From the ethereal sweep of a cathedral-length veil to the chic sophistication of a shorter style, each length brings its own charm. I pride myself on the personal service I offer to my brides so I am always happy to answer specific questions to ensure your veil is made to the perfect dimensions. But for now, here's a guide to help you make the perfect choice for your big day.

Understanding the Terminology of Veil Lengths: Cathedral or Chapel?

Firstly, it's essential to familiarise yourself with the terminology. "Cathedral" and "chapel" are not just romantic words; they signify specific veil lengths. A cathedral-length veil is the longer of the two, gracefully trailing behind the bride. On the other hand, a chapel-length veil is slightly shorter, typically extending to the floor - particularly great with dresses that have a short or no train, and with bridal trouser suits or short dresses.

However, it's important to note that these lengths can vary from designer to designer - just like your clothes. A cathedral length from one designer might differ slightly from another. This subtle discrepancy can impact how the veil complements your dress and your overall bridal look. This is precisely why, as a bespoke veil designer, I request measurements in centimetres or inches, ensuring a precise fit tailored to your unique vision.

Veil designer, Rebecca, holding out a long veil on a mannequin. It is important that the veil length falls beyond a wedding dress.

Measuring your Veil Length for the Perfect Fit

For brides opting for a bespoke veil, precise measurements are key. Begin by measuring from the comb (the attachment point of the veil) to the desired end point. This ensures a tailor-made fit that complements your chosen wedding dress.

If you're going for a long veil, consider having it fall approximately 10 inches beyond the hem of your dress. This ensures that any special embroidery or detailing on the bottom of the veil isn't lost against the fabric of your gown, creating a seamless and visually stunning effect.

Even for shorter veils, taking a measurement is crucial. While I can offer suggestions on where the veil should ideally end, having the exact measurement taken by your seamstress or dress boutique ensures a precise and tailored fit. This attention to detail ensures that your veil enhances rather than competes with the overall bridal aesthetic.

Measuring for the Perfect Width

Now, let's not forget the width—the unsung hero of veil measurements! While my veils typically boast a classic 150cm width, I'm here to cater to all your drama-seeking desires. For those with wide dress trains or a craving for extra flair, fear not! I can craft veils up to a grand 300cm in width, ensuring that your entrance is nothing short of spectacular.

Consulting with Your Dress Boutique or Seamstress

Your dress boutique or seamstress plays a vital role in achieving the perfect veil length. Their expertise ensures that the veil complements the silhouette of your dress and falls seamlessly in line with your overall bridal vision. I usually suggest that you consult with them on the advice I have given to receive physical assistance in taking the measurements. However, I am always happy to get in touch with my brides' dress boutique or seamstress myself if they would like.

Remember, the choice of veil length is a personal one. Whether you envision the drama of a cathedral-length veil or the simplicity of a shorter style, taking accurate measurements ensures that your veil becomes a harmonious part of your bridal ensemble, creating a picture-perfect moment as you walk down the aisle. So, let the measurements begin, and let's fashion a veil that's the perfect length and width to complement your dress! Get in touch now to begin your designer veil journey.

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