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How to Create a Bridal Second Look with Accessories

Here comes the bride... creating her bridal second look with another veil.

Photographer: Drawing With Light Photography

You read the opening line correctly... Why stop at just one? Brides opting for two looks became a staple trend last year, and 2024 is seeing a rise in creating the bridal second look with accessories.

When it comes to wedding day attire, brides are seeking unique ways to achieve a second look, increasingly turning to accessories with distinctive and personal touches. As a bridal designer, every bespoke creation holds a special place in my heart, but Sophie's wedding day brought a unique touch that I'd love to share with you. I had the honour of designing not just one but two personalised veils that added a magical flair to her special day.

Sophie's ceremony attire

For her main ceremony look, Sophie opted for a long, flowing veil adorned with a special phrase that holds a significant place in her heart – "you're still the one." The handwritten script added a personalised touch, highlighting a unique and intimate connection between Sophie and her husband.  The deliberate choice of these words wasn't just a stylistic decision; it was a poignant expression of love. The thoughtful integration of these words found its way into other elements of their wedding including beautiful signage which was artfully hung at their reception venue.

Photographer: Drawing With Light Photography

Sophie's bridal second look

The magic didn't stop there; Sophie surprised everyone with a second look for the evening festivities. This time, she chose a cute and playful short veil, but what made it truly special was the embroidered number: 'Five thousand, nine hundred & fifty-eight.' Wondering what this number represents? It's the exact count of days since Sophie and her husband began their journey together, from the very first day they started going out to their wedding day. Talk about a romantic and sentimental twist!

Sophie's choice to have two veils designed for her wedding day reflects a growing trend among brides to fashion their bridal second look with accessories. Many are opting for a second ensemble to change up their style and keep the celebration fresh. However, buying a second dress might not always be within budget. That's where the beauty of accessories comes into play.

For those looking to switch things up without breaking the bank, altering your hairstyle, makeup, and accessories can make a significant impact. Sophie's decision to switch to a shorter veil for her evening look is a perfect. Alternatively, brides can consider adding a bow or ribbon to their hair, providing an elegant yet cost-effective way to transform their appearance.

Rebecca Anne Designs has proven once again that personalisation is the key to making a bride's vision come to life. The bespoke veils created for Sophie not only added a touch of romance and sentimentality but also showcased the versatility of bridal accessories. Will you be choosing a ribbon, bow or veil to create your bridal second look with accessories? Get in touch and let's dream up two beautifully meaningful designs for your two bridal looks.


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