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10 Bespoke Bridal Veils London Lovers Will Adore

To get married in London is to indelibly write a piece of this dazzling city into your love story, to uniquely and intimately know a fragment of its sprawling, sparkling soul. Thanks to its inherent diversity and dynamism, no two London weddings can ever look alike - which is exactly why a tailor-made embroidered statement veil is the perfect bridal accessory for a big city celebration. Let’s set fire to your imagination with these 10 bespoke bridal veils London lovers will adore.


Bridal Veils London - Iconic Landmarks

The Natural History Museum - The Verse Veil

The train of a veil embroidered with delicate script, on the steps of the Natural History Museum. Bridal veils London.

For wedding pictures inside one of London’s flagship museums, only the emblematic Verse veil can hope to echo the billions of years worth of stories held inside. Cascading down its familiar, formidable staircase, this design stitches your lexical love story into the fabric of your bespoke bridal accessory, immortalising the most meaningful, heartfelt tales. 

Photography: Nicole Wilcox & Jasmine Paige

Choose to have the words of your vows woven into your veil, a favourite or bespoke poem, or another sentimental verse that is dear to you. My exclusive poetry veils in collaboration with award-winning poet Jen Feroze may be of interest to you when designing this veil style.

St Paul’s Cathedral - The Celestial Cosmos Veil

The eternal romance of a night sky has the ability to enchant us all, and what better way to symbolise the stars of your love aligning than with my Celestial Cosmos veil design. The all-over cosmos design encompasses a glittering galaxy, but you can personalise by choosing constellations, scattered stars and even other celestial bodies for your embroidery. 

Proudly perched at the highest point in London, St Paul’s Cathedral is the closest you can get to the stars with your feet on the ground - the perfect backdrop for the Celestial veil.

Two brides stand in front of St Paul's Cathedral, one wearing a celestial embroidered veil. Bridal veils London.

Photography: Nicole Wilcox

The City Streets - The Two Tier Veil

If there was ever a place to reimagine classic bridal veils, London is the one. Two tier veils have represented many things over time, most notably the blusher layer being worn as a symbol of modesty and purity. But Rebecca Anne Designs brides don’t desire modesty any more - they seek bold, beautiful designs that accentuate their femininity and elevate their self confidence. The two tier veil is now a fashion-forward contemporary choice, and the draping and flowing of its diaphanous top layer can create the most gorgeous gossamer effect - watch out for some seriously stylish wedding photographs when you wear this!

Strutting around the streets of London in a two tier veil…how very vogue of you.

A bride sweeps her floral embroidered veil across the camera, showcasing its two tiers and delicate adornment.

Photography: Faye Wilde

Westminster Bridge and The Houses of Parliament - The Double Pleat Edge Veil

Make a statement by doubling down on 2024’s most a la mode adornment - the pleat. No longer reserved for school skirts and curtains, pleats have been elevated to a textured trend that turns heads. The classical London cityscape that features Westminster Bridge and the dramatic architecture of the Houses of Parliament demands a veil with gravitas, and this double pleat edge veil with lyrical script answers the call. 

Real bride Sophie shows us just how chic city sleek can be.

Photography: Emily Robinson

Sophie: “‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same’ - these words called out to us when having our iconic London wedding. We truly believe our souls are intertwined and the words Rebecca created on such a stunning veil made our beautiful photos even better. Thank you.”

The Marylebone Hotel - The Me & You Veil

The bold Marylebone Hotel, with its towering columns and warm chalk-toned nooks, calls for an embroidered veil that is at once intimate and powerful. The Me & You veil in my ‘something bold’ font was the first addition to my Black Edit (coming soon!), a design almost as impactful and forward-thinking as London itself.

Bridal veil in London with black embroidery reading 'Me & You' in a bold font

Photography: The Chamberlins

Daring to be different and pushing the boundaries of the traditional veil is what the Black Edit is all about, which brings me nicely onto the next batch of bespoke bridal veils London lovers will adore - the ones as trend-setting, dynamic and beautiful as the city itself.

Bridal Veils London - City Chic Designs

She’s new, she’s striking, and she would look right at home on a high fashion runway - she’s the Black Ruffle veil, the latest addition to my Black Edit. As iconic as the Little Black Dress, my new veil collection features noir tulle, inky embroidery thread, and accessories and adornments the shade of a deep, velvety night sky. 

Photography: Olivia Whittaker

The black veil is having a cult moment in 2024, with Lana Del Rey appearing on stage at Coachella and in the Skims Valentine’s Day campaign draped in one. It feels like a new, darkly sexy renaissance for the bridal world, with no better place to debut it than London.

Structural bridal accessories are bang on trend this year, so I just had to feature The Bow in my list of bespoke bridal veils London lovers will go wild for. The Bow design, just like the city itself, can be whatever you want and need it to be. Available in delicate tulle or buttery duchess satin, you can customise with a veil or trailing tails - and your choice of bespoke embroidery, of course. It’s the bridal hair accessory you can take from day to night (and how good it looks in London at night!) and create multiple looks with.

Photography: Jasmine Paige

Find more inspiration for your bridal ‘second look’ in my recent blog:

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024 is Peach Fuzz, a warm, soft and feminine tone that I decided to add to my Limited Edition accessories range. Available for a finite amount of time, these exclusive bridal accessories allow you to wear something highly individual on your wedding day. I utilised Peach Fuzz in the making of a velvet and satin version of The Ribbon, creating a cool, lightweight, city-wedding-appropriate accessory that can be used in a variety of ways. Wear it in your hair or tie around your bouquet for a flavour of peachy goodness.

Photography: Danielle Veitch

Old Hollywood glamour and tempting textural elements come together to create Pearl, an intricately beautiful design choice that elevates your veil to indulgent new heights. London is an illustrious fashion capital, and Pearl is ready to take centre stage at your wedding in the city. Pearls are rearing their pretty little heads throughout the wedding world in 2024, appearing on tablecloths, nestled in bouquets, peppering gowns and even decadently decorating fruits, candles and tableware. 

A woman wearing a pearl-studded veil with embroidery around the bottom edge. Bridal veils London

Photography: Olivia Whittaker

Flash and film photography really put Pearl in her element, and you’ll want to make sure you get those delicious veil close ups! And just in case you’re wondering, embroidery looks incredible on a Pearl veil…

The final contender in my list of bespoke bridal veils London lovers will adore is the Floral design range. I am a huge fan of florals, and love hand drawing each bespoke bloom for my brides. Some have a sentimental meaning, others cultural significance, while some are just because they look gorgeous. I particularly love the Floral veils against the backdrop of a country house estate, so if you’re venturing out of London for your wedding this could be a winner! 

A close up of the edge of an embroidered veil with a floral design.

Photography: Joy by Ash

Floral veil designs also work perfectly for elopement and destination wedding veils, thanks to the inherent association of certain flowers with certain countries - take a look at my recent blog for some wanderlusty inspiration. If you are marrying in London, how about a quintessential English rose or a meadow of wildflowers reminiscent of the capital’s many parks and green spaces?

If you are a London bride whose imagination is now running wild after frolicking through this list, it’s time to take the leap and work with me to design your own tailor-made bespoke bridal veil or accessory. Simply head to my contact form to take the first step, and let’s create a veil as show-stopping as London itself.

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