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What is a Mantilla Veil and is it The Right Veil Style For Me?

As you embark on the journey towards your dream wedding, choosing the perfect bridal accessories becomes a delightful quest to infuse your personal style into every detail. Could the Mantilla veil be the right style for you?

Enter Rebecca Anne Designs. Embroidering meaningful and personalised veil details is my forte and it brings me such joy to create such an array of different veil designs in collaboration with my brides. Among the myriad of choices, the mantilla veil is a timeless and sophisticated option that exudes grace and romance. Let's delve into the enchanting world of mantilla veils, exploring what makes them special, how to wear them flawlessly, and why personalised embroidery will add a unique touch to yours.

A side profile of a bride wearing a bespoke personalised mantilla veil

Unveiling the Mantilla Veil

Originating from Spain, the mantilla veil is a breathtaking piece that has transcended cultural boundaries to become a symbol of timeless elegance. Characterised by its edged border, the mantilla adds a touch of vintage charm while maintaining a contemporary allure. Traditionally worn over the head and shoulders, the mantilla veil drapes gracefully, enhancing the beauty of the bride without overshadowing her.

How to Wear a Mantilla Veil

Wearing a mantilla veil enhances your bridal look with a certain air of sophistication. Whether you opt for an updo, loose waves, or a sleek bun, the mantilla complements various hairstyles, adding versatility to your bridal ensemble. To achieve the perfect positioning with any hair style, place the veil's edge so that it sits a couple of inches behind the hairline. This placement allows the veil to flow gracefully, framing your face and adding a touch of ethereal beauty. Although, if you are wearing your hair up, you may prefer to wear the veil further back so it falls in a slimmer, more sleek shape behind you.  I’d recommend a low up-do to ensure it falls smoothly over your hair.

Attaching This Veil: A Graceful Affair

Attaching a mantilla veil is a straightforward yet crucial step to ensure that it sits securely and enhances your overall look. I always suggest you discuss with your wedding hairstylist how they personally prefer to work with a mantilla veil. I can either send the veil with no attachments (giving your stylist free reign on securing it with hairpins) or on a small comb (though I would still suggest pins are used additionally). Begin by setting your hair into your chosen hairstyle before placing the comb of the mantilla veil at the desired spot, making sure it lies flat against your head. For added security, I always recommend using additional pins discreetly along the edges. This simple process ensures that your mantilla veil stays in place throughout the ceremony and celebration.

Personalised Embroidery: A Touch of Your Love Story

The mantilla veil was popular in BRIDES magazine a couple of years ago, but it's really going to come into its own in 2024 with custom embroidery versions. Whereas a traditional mantilla veil will be made using pre-made lace, to make yours truly one-of-a-kind, it will be edged in bespoke embroidered pattern work designed in collaboration with you. Floral embroidery works beautifully in creating charming shapes similar to those that lace would so we can work together on which sentimental flowers you would like to focus on - perhaps favourites of loved ones or to match those in your bridal bouquet. You may also want to consider the infinite options of personalised embroidery. Infuse your veil with the initials of you and your partner, the wedding date, or a meaningful quote. This bespoke touch adds sentimental value to your ensemble, creating a beautiful connection between your love story and the intricate embroidered pattern work design of the mantilla. We will work together in collaboration on the bespoke drawn design you would like framing your face and the personal details you would like woven within this.

Will a Mantilla Veil Suit My Dress?

One of the most common questions brides ask is whether a mantilla veil will complement their chosen gown. The answer is a resounding yes! The timeless and versatile nature of the mantilla makes it a perfect match for various dress styles, from classic ball gowns to modern slips. Its ethereal quality enhances any silhouette, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and contemporary flair. Whether your dress is adorned with lace, satin, or minimalist elegance, a mantilla veil can seamlessly tie your entire bridal look together.

Choosing a mantilla veil with personalised embroidery is a decision that transcends trends and embraces the enduring beauty of romance. As you prepare for your walk down the aisle, let the mantilla veil become a symbol of your unique love story, adding an unforgettable touch to your wedding day ensemble. Elegance truly knows no bounds when it comes to the timeless allure of a mantilla veil with custom embroidered details, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. To find out more about the possibilities with bespoke mantilla veils, get in touch via my contact form and let's talk all things veils!

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