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The New Capsule Collection

Updated: Apr 16

The brand new Rebecca Anne Designs Capsule Collection is here, and it’s more customisable, bespoke and chic than ever before. In the 8 years I have been embroidering bridal accessories, I have developed a signature style that marries my hand-drawn artwork, dynamic details and modern design. The new collection epitomises the breadth of possibility when it comes to making my designs your own, and shows how your finished piece can look in so many different ways. This is truly a tailor-made experience, whether you order my designs as they are showcased or use them as inspiration for your own creative look. Each veil is made to order to your specific measurements, so that (just as with brides) no two will ever be quite the same. I hope you’ll feel a sense of enchantment as I take you through the new designs, and that your own unique ideas begin to sparkle.

The Capsule Collection

Floral wedding veils

This collection features many floral designs, inspired by the amount of brides who choose to have their veils embroidered with beautiful blooms that are meaningful or special to them. Popular choices include the favourite flower of a loved one, the national flower of a specific country, or pretty floral patterns for a decorative finish. I showcase a versatile array of floral options in the new capsule collection, however there truly is no limit to what we can design.

To inspire your flourishing designs you will find a brand-new ruscus design for a vibrant, woodsy vibe, a full meadow cape that feels just like a summer’s day, and a design covered in perfect peonies in all their distinctive, fluffy glory. Whether you opt for a handful of scattered flowers, a romantic floral edge or a whole array of bespoke blooms, you’ll find your design becomes a fresh, modern take on a classically bridal motif.

Every floral design can be made into a veil or a cape, depending on the look you’d like to achieve. You can always ask me for styling advice to help decide which option will suit your outfit the best, and together we will create a bespoke accessory that exquisitely completes your look. Floral designs can also be embroidered onto my Pearl veil designs, adding more tempting texture to your tulle.

Personalised wedding veil

Script veils

Script veils have been a Rebecca Anne signature for a long time, and the new capsule collection is no different. You can browse all my available fonts on this blog entry, and choose the one that feels the most like ‘you’. Whether you opt for discreet detail, a handful of words or an entire verse veil, the script is always a talking point and a source of awe for your partner and your guests!

While the new capsule collection designs are available for purchase as they are, you are encouraged to really make them your own. They can all be adorned with any combination of embroidered script and custom artwork, any texture finish and any placement. The only limit is what you can imagine.

Bows & Ribbons

Wedding bow veil

My bridal bows and ribbons have always been popular among brides who don’t feel a full veil is quite ‘right’ for them or their style, and with those seeking a stylish second look for the evening of their wedding. There are now more options than ever for your bespoke bow or ribbon design.

My classic two-tailed ribbon can now be ordered in traditional tulle or in silky duchess satin, each option lending a completely different vibe to an outfit. You can get colourful with your choice of embroidery thread too on these designs; choose from elegant white, striking black or a pop of colour with ochre or powder blue. Each tail of the ribbon can be personalised with distinct embroidery, and you can go as discreet or as decorative as you want.

The Rebecca Anne bridal bow instantly adds a high-fashion feel to your wedding day look, and makes for the perfect versatile accessory. It can be purchased with long tails in duchess satin, or with a tulle veil…or both, to change up your look partway through the day. The bow is the ideal expression of your personal style, giving you endless elegant options.

The Bespoke Process - From Sketch to Stitch

Customised wedding veils

Working with me on your luxury, custom accessory design is a journey. By the end you will own a completely bespoke, tailor-made piece that you’ll absolutely rock on your wedding day. The first step is to contact me with all your questions, and we can then begin to talk about all your thoughts, ideas and inspiration as well as what’s achievable for your budget. I offer a transparent pricing guide to make the process as smooth as possible.

We’ll then move onto the design stage, where your creativity begins to take shape and come to life. Any artwork or bespoke pattern work is hand drawn before being digitised, and you’ll receive an embroidered sample of your design in the post before I start to make your veil. As soon as you’ve given me the ‘hell yes!’, I’ll start to create your veil using your custom specifications. Your design is machine-stitched for a crisp, finessed embroidery style, before being personally hand finished by me to ensure it’s as close to perfection as possible. At this stage, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your happy-post to arrive before your wedding!

Feel free to visit my inspirational gallery to see some of the options available to you, and remember the sky’s the limit! When you’re ready to get personal, get in touch and we can enter a wedding wonderland together. The journey to a one-of-a-kind forever keepsake starts here. What will you create?

Photographs by the wonderful Kamila Nowak

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