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The Black Wedding Veil: Bridal, But Make It Couture

Almost a century after the iconic Little Black Dress emerged from the house of Coco Chanel, fashion still reveres the colour of the raven. Modern bridal couture is now ready to embrace similarly contemporary, fashion-forward styles and overcome outdated expectations of demureness and purity. Enter: the black wedding veil. The Rebecca Anne Designs Black Edit offers a bold new statement look, for brides seeking to further push the boundaries of the traditional veil. Do you dare to be different? I’ve got you covered.

From the catwalks of Fashion Week to the hallowed stages of Coachella, the colour black continues to be en vogue among luxury designers and stylish celebrities. The Valentino Fall ‘24 collection features inimitable inky pieces, with lots of ruffles and sheer fabrics making it a textured utopia. One look even featured a black wedding veil, which we’ve also seen recently on the likes of Lana del Rey. This month, a Coveteur article hailed the use of black in the fashion world and declared it ‘something that’s always there and always something we return to’. 

It’s time to get high fashion, and add some exquisite ebony to your bridal look with my five exclusive Black Edit pieces.

Black Wedding Veil Styles

Black Florals

Floral designs are some of my brides’ all-time favourites (mine too!), from frolicking meadows to blooming organza roses, so I’ve taken delicate daisies and feminine foliage along with me to The Black Edit. The pretty, crisp lines of your floral design take on a new life when reconciled with raven embroidery thread, and the floral veil makes a dynamic duo when worn with the embroidered satin bow. 

Black Ruffles

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know I am a huge fan of texture, whether that’s in the form of neat pleats, pretty pearls or romantic ruffles. The black ruffle veil is the most dynamic and dramatic addition to the collection, created for the bride who wants to unapologetically dazzle like the night sky on her wedding day. When it comes to choosing a black wedding veil, the ruffle design is one of the most bold and beautiful additions to The Black Edit.

Your own inky inscription could look incredible in my ‘gothic’ font, but any of my carefully selected font styles can be applied to any veil in my black embroidery thread - the lettering is specifically chosen for its quality finish when stitched onto the tulle.

Black Poetry Verse Veil

For a black wedding veil that is the epitome of unique, look no further than my exclusive ‘Poetry Veil’ collaboration with award-winning published poet Jen Feroze. I know firsthand just how special the results are, as I asked Jen to write a bespoke poem for my own wedding which made it into our ceremony reading and onto my ‘second look’ veil! Working with both me and Jen, you’ll receive a treasured piece of poetry crafted for your unique love story which I’ll then embroider onto your veil in black stitching.

Oh, the beautiful ebony-toned drama!

A woman stands behind a black wedding veil

Black Script

Even if you’re not a poetry lover, you may wish to wear a black wedding veil in one of my most perpetually popular styles - the Script. My script veil designs take the most meaningful words, phrases and even handwritten notes and immortalise them in tulle, an eternal heirloom now available in nighttime noir stitching. 

Examples shown here include ‘Me & You’ in my Something Bold font and ‘Til the end of time’ in brand new Timeless lettering. The offsetting of the black thread on the luxury ivory tulle means your black wedding veil will be unmistakable, indulgent and so on trend.

Black Bows & Ribbons

The playful feminine aesthetic is here to stay, and the bow was a signature for Prada this year at Fashion Week. The Black Edit includes three styles of bow and ribbon for your very own monochrome moment on your wedding day, the perfect place to start your new obsidian obsession…

My classic duchess satin bow has had an injection of jet, and is available in buttery soft fabric in either black or white. It is then adorned with contrasting embroidery, with striking noir needlework against the snowy background or vice versa. Your bow can be embroidered with patternwork and delicate script of your choice, with the all-over floral design shown here as a gorgeous example.

The Bow can be worn with or without a veil, making it the ideal ‘second look’ accessory. You can find out more about creating a second look with a black wedding veil by clicking the button below.

The Rebecca Anne ribbon has also turned to the dark side, now available in a luxurious black velvet with the same contrasting white thread for your embroidery. Will you choose to tie up your bouquet with it, or wear it in your hair as a chic bridal accessory?

After many months of designing, hand-drawing and precision stitching sample pieces for The Black Edit, I am ecstatic that it’s finally ready to see the light of day. These pieces are now yours to make entirely bespoke, playing with an iconic shade that will elevate your bridal look to stunning new heights. 

Browse The Black Edit and join me in this new dark, dreamy era of bridal accessories. Contact me to begin your journey.

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