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Embroidered Floral Wedding Veils: The Language of Love in Bloom

Flowers have been used as a living expression of love for centuries, making them a truly timeless homage to sentiment despite their ephemeral nature. Every time one of my brides commissions a bespoke embroidered floral wedding veil, a seed of joy blooms - they are among my favourite bridal accessories to create. For this blog I’ve collaborated with floral artist Kim of Dreamboats and Carousels, and here we explore how to take the bud of an idea and grow it into a one of a kind heirloom floral wedding veil. 

Florals in Bridal Fashion Week

The big names in bridal fashion have begun unveiling their spring 2025 collections, and we’re seeing florals floating down the catwalk in a big way. Claire Pettibone’s gowns are inspired by the gardens of Versailles and spring blossoms, while Dana Harel has created a whole collection named for the goddess of the earth herself, Gaia. Esé Azénabor revealed ‘In Bloom’, a bridal edit celebrating a flower’s transformation that features dreamy floral appliques.

Whether you’re a haute couture lover or not, one thing is for sure: florals never go out of style, and an embroidered floral wedding veil looks good on everyone.

bride wearing a short floral wedding veil

Kamila Nowak Photography

Rebecca Anne Designs Embroidered Floral Wedding Veils

Floral wedding veils are romantic, feminine and representative of symbolic meanings and family sentiments. As such they have become popular among bridal designers and veil stockists but, for a one-of-a-kind, personally designed veil, the Rebecca Anne Designs experience truly blossoms. 

Rebecca hand drawing a rose that will later become embroidery on a floral wedding veil

Danielle Veitch Photography

My floral veils stand apart from the rest for a few reasons - they are tailor-made, and the floral embroidery designs are drawn by hand before being digitised for stitching. They are then embroidered onto buttery soft tulle using fine thread and precise needlework, revealing a premium quality accessory that is entirely bespoke to you.

So, how do we get you from ‘floral lover’ to ‘floral wedding veil owner’?

The Meaning of Flowers: Choosing Blooms For Your Floral Wedding Veil

Dreamboats and Carousels’ Kim, a spectacular sovereign of evocative, immersive floral designs for weddings, said:

Traditionally, different flower varieties were often associated with a corresponding symbolic meaning, and were gifted accordingly. This symbolism can act as a timeless form of expression and communication when incorporating specific florals within an overall wedding floral design.”

Floral artistry by Dreamboats and Carousels, photography by Katie Julia

Real bride Daniela explored some of the traditional meanings of flowers for her own floral wedding veil recently, using the Victorian language of flowers to include lavender (devotion), gardenia (you’re lovely) and peonies (happy life). I created an abundant bespoke meadow design for Daniela, a veritable garden of gorgeousness to accompany her down the aisle.

Another popular way to choose flowers for your custom veil is to opt for those that hold meaning for you as a couple, or dear family and friends. Daniela asked me to include some hand drawn sunflowers (representing her Ukrainian background), a maple leaf for Canada (where she grew up) and a daffodil to represent her now-husband’s Welsh heritage. 

An embroidered floral wedding veil worn by a bride

Daniela's bespoke floral meadow veil

Kim also expressed the importance of using meaningful flowers within her artistry, saying:

“Often we are asked to incorporate favourite flowers from family members within wedding floral designs - a flower that used to grow in grandma’s garden, or one that mum had in her own bouquet. It builds the connection with the designs and the story telling of this important life event, contributing to the personal touches brought to a couple’s big day.” 

The Sensory Language of Flowers

While speaking to Kim about the significance of her organic, elevated creations, she emphasised the beautiful significance of the sensory power of florals at your wedding.

“Alongside traditional connotations, the language of flowers I associate with is a sensory language, a language that translates through memory and transports couples back to their wedding day. Florals have such strong powers not just visually, but through scent, and touch/texture….especially when used en masse!”

We also touched on the fleeting nature of your wedding florals, with Kim commenting that “They are living, natural products which have a short life span, but an eternal impact on those who experience great floral design. There is a special magic in the fact that they can’t be kept or collected.”

The Black Edit florals, shot by Emma Pilkington Photography

One of the reasons I so adore floral wedding veil embroidery is its ability to immortalise that magic - echoing the radiant beauty of the living thing, we can infinitely capture the intrinsic meaning of your wedding florals in your veil.

The true beauty of an embroidered veil is the capturing of memories within thread and fabric, just as the beauty of an incredible floral design is the immersion in those memories on your big day. Reliving the joy and emotion of your wedding day becomes effortless with the transportative power of florals.

Marrying the emotive nature of florals with the heirloom significance of a veil is a special thing - here’s what Daniela had to say about the big reveal to her husband on her wedding day:

“It was a magical moment unveiling (pardon the pun!) it to my husband, showing him all of the special meaning within it. He loved it, as did all of our family and guests. I spent many moments showing it off, highlighting this meaningful flower or that one! It’s truly a piece of art and I have a plan to display it in my house, as it deserves.”

Let’s Grow Your Own Floral Wedding Veil

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

If you’d love to float down the aisle in florals, I can’t wait to chat about creating your very own blossoming wedding veil. Whether you opt for statement organza roses, a pretty peppering of peonies or a flourishing meadow of all your favourite flowers, you’re sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Take a look at my floral veil collection for inspiration, and don’t forget the designs are all available in my new black thread with the launch of the Black Edit. You can start adding to your ‘embroidered veil’ Pinterest board here too!

With huge thanks to the inimitable Kim of Dreamboats and Carousels for contributions to this blog.

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