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5 Ways to Honour Loved Ones At You Wedding With Your Veil Design

Honouring lost loved ones through your embroidered bridal veil adds a positive touch to celebrating their significant role in your life. By threading these tributes into your special day, the veil transforms from a mere accessory to a heartfelt homage, symbolising the love and memories that you hold dear. Your Rebecca Anne veil provides a canvas for you to weave your unique story, and one of the most heartfelt ways to achieve this is through the art of embroidery. As an embroidery veil designer, I am honoured to be part of the process of helping you honour loved ones at your wedding through your bridal accessory, bringing cherished memories to life with needle and thread.

A newly married couple hold one another underneath a pearl bridal veil. Traced Embroidered Handwriting Is Just One Of The Ways To Honour Loved Ones At Your Wedding With Your Veil Design

Handwritten Whispers: Tracing the Words of Love

One of the most poignant ways to honour a loved one on your special day is by incorporating their handwriting into your veil. Translating their words into stitch is a personalised touch which adds an intimate connection that goes beyond words. For instance, Emily chose to have the handwriting of her late mother delicately stitched near her fingertips. Feeling the familiar curves and loops as she walked down the aisle, Emily carried a tangible piece of her mother's love with her.

Photographer Eve Hopkinson

Zoe added a deeply personal touch to her veil by having her husband's late father's signature delicately stitched alongside his favourite quote, creating a poignant tribute that beautifully resonated with the essence of their shared family bond.

Photographer: Lewis Membery

Certainly, the handwriting in your embroidered veil design isn't limited to those who are no longer with us. Some brides opt for their children's handwriting, their new surname or a shared favourite saying written by their partner as meaningful additions to personalise their veil. Lydia chose to have her daughter's handwriting.

Photographer: Laura Wade

Floral Tributes: Stitched Memories in Bloom

The timeless elegance of floral embroidery allows brides to pay homage to their loved ones through nature's language. Whether it's a favourite flower, a bloom from a cherished garden, or a replicated masterpiece painted by a grandmother like Catie's rose, each stitch becomes a delicate tribute to enduring relationships.

Photographer: Patrick Phillips

Similarly to the option of handwriting, it doesn't necessarily have to be focused on loved ones who are no longer with us. Katherine chose to have a bespoke drawn meadow of flowers along the bottom edge of her veil. The flowers we included were favourites chosen by the important women in her life, including her sisters.

Adding sentimental florals is a subtle, meaningful way to honour loved ones at your wedding.

A close up of floral embroidery on a veil held by the bride. Meaningful flowers are a great way of honouring loved ones on your wedding day through your veil design.

Photographer: Laura Murray

Initial Impressions: Simple Elegance, Profound Remembrance

The subtlety of incorporating initials into the veil provides an elegant yet profound way to honour late loved ones at your wedding. As witnessed in the stories of sisters Beth and Amy, both choosing to have their father's initials delicately stitched by their shoulder symbolising his everlasting presence, walking with them both down the aisle on their wedding days.

Photographers: Joe Short and Dominic Lula

Something Blue, Something True: A Subtle Remembrance

For a discreet yet poignant tribute, incorporating 'something blue' into the veil holds special meaning. Whether it's a small blue flower or a star stitched near the fingertips, this choice serves as a quiet reminder of the loved one's enduring presence on this joyous day.

Scripted Sentiments: Veiling Wisdom in Words

Opting for a script veil allows brides to showcase a favourite quote of their loved one. This literary charm adds depth and personality to the ensemble, encapsulating the enduring love, wisdom, or humour that made the relationship special.

Photographer: Inna Nova

As a veil designer committed to weaving dreams into reality, being entrusted with the privilege of embroidering these intimate stories into the fabric of each veil is a profoundly moving experience. Through the artistry of embroidery, brides can not only celebrate their union but also ensure that the love and memories of those who shaped their lives are beautifully immortalised on this most cherished day. If you're looking for a way to honour your loved ones through your wedding veil embroidery, I can't wait to hear your ideas over on my contact page.

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