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2023 Bridal Veil Trends : What’s Hot At Rebecca Anne Designs

Updated: Apr 16

Wedding Veil Styles

At Rebecca Anne Designs the emphasis has always been on setting trends, not following them. Rebellious style is my signature, and it comes in many forms; the most exquisite level of personalised detailing, luxurious new fabrics and features, and dispelling wedding traditions dictating how, why and for how long you should wear your veil. My brides are no different, seeking an accessory that aligns with their personal style as well as their love story. For this reason my 2023 bridal veil trends article is a little different; I’m exploring the trends my brides are going to be setting this year, with the most prominent one being total freedom of customisation. Prepare to be dreamily inspired…

A woman in a white blazer holding out tulle hanging from above that is embroidered with flowers

Two Tier Wedding Veil

Once upon a time a 2 tier wedding veil was designed with a blusher layer to be worn over the bride’s face, protecting against evil and signifying modesty and purity. This style has made it onto my 2023 bridal veil trends list because my brides are choosing it for totally different reasons; it adds elegant drama and a regal touch to your look, and provides another level of dynamic movement with its double layers of fabric. You can wear the blusher layer over your face before you reveal your makeup to your love at the point of the ‘I do’s, or have some artistic images taken by your photographer by creating a gorgeous, gauzy effect with it. By its very nature the two tier veil allows for a change of styling during the day, and even when worn doubled up down the back the layers of fabric fall like a beautiful misty waterfall. Keep it simple by embroidering your two tier veil with my ‘Finishing Touch’ option, detailing your names and wedding date, or really indulge and get elaborate and choose the Pearl fabric (Vogue thinks pearl detailing is going to be kind of a big deal this year!), a pleated edge or a fully custom embroidery pattern. Speaking of which…

Bespoke Pattern Work

Working with me on your wedding veil is about more than just adding embroidery to the fabric. As well as being a seamstress, I’m an artist; which you can take full advantage of by having a fully bespoke pattern designed to be embroidered on your veil. If you can dream it, I can draw it in my signature style. Your tailored design will then be digitised and, once you’re completely in love with it, applied to your accessory! It’s entirely possible to become a walking piece of art, commissioned for you and only you, on your wedding day. This is the epitome of personalisation, the highest level of bespoke. Going bespoke is an exclusive journey that we will take together to create something that is the very definition of ‘one of a kind’. Discover more about the experience here. It’s one of my favourite moments when I reveal a bride’s bespoke design and she falls head over heels for it - will you be next?

Flaylay of a veil on a wooden floor with words woven in between the embroidered flowers and a pair of white Jimmy Choo shoes next to it

Discreet Details

Next up in our 2023 bridal veil trends is discreet detailing; my brides for this year are loving the idea of adding hidden little motifs and mementos of things, people and places they love. I can’t tell you how many people’s puppies I’ve subtly stitched into their design already this year! The beauty of discreet details lies in the discovery. It’s a gorgeous thing, watching your new spouse, friends and family find each element of your bespoke veil embroidery and be delighted by what they see. After Hailey Bieber’s stunning wedding veil, customised embroidery is on the rise and more and more brides are seeking a keepsake to remember the big day forever. Thanks for putting embroidery in the media, Beebs!

A close up of bespoke embroidery on a veil with the words love you more sitting above leaves, flowers and a dog

Traced Handwriting

Taking bespoke pattern work and discreet detailing to the next level, it’s possible to have handwriting traced, digitised and embroidered onto your veil. My 2023 brides are loving this special, sentimental addition. It can be a beautiful way to remember a lost loved one or just to capture your new spouse’s written words, and it’s a guaranteed tear jerker when your guests see it. It’s such an honour to be asked to embroider handwriting; in the digital age, there is something so soft and romantic about a handwritten note. In a time when it’s so easy to send a simple ‘I love you’ text, the personal touch in your favourite person’s handwriting is just that little bit extra special. Immortalise the most important words on your most important day with this veil trend.

Fingertip Detailing

Last but not least in my 2023 bridal veil trends list is fingertip detailing. You might be noticing a theme of ‘detail’ here, and that’s because it’s so important to me. I believe that paying attention to the detail of your embroidery is what elevates it from beautiful to outstanding, which is exactly how I want you to feel on your wedding day. Fingertip detailing is, as expected, embroidery applied at the area the veil falls over your hand. My brides typically choose the left hand, drawing attention to where your brand new ring will sit. It’s a perfect opportunity for your photographer to take some creative photos of the newest symbol of your love, complete with bespoke detailing of your choice in delicate tulle. I designed the ‘discreet’ font specifically for these kinds of details; a fine, delicate font option.

Black and white image of a womans arm holding out embroidery on her wedding veil with her new married name and wedding date

I am so excited for a year of bringing new, sparkly trends to the bridal veil world and seeing my brides absolutely rocking their aisle style. This year it really is all about going bespoke and taking an ordinary piece of tulle to the next level; around here, chic, stylish and high quality come as standard. If you know you want something unique and meaningful for your wedding veil, have an idea but aren’t sure if it’s possible, or have questions about the process…talk to me by using this contact form. Let’s get trend-setting, gorgeous!

Woman standing with her hands on her hips on a rocky beach with lengths of tulle fabric draped across the foregorund

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