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Crowning Glory | A step-by-step guide on how to wear your wedding veil

Updated: Jan 14

The Wedding Veil

Enter into the world of bespoke elegance as I unveil the art of adorning your custom bridal veil with this effortless, step-by-step guide. Don't forget to check out the accompanying video tutorial for a hands-on guide to veil perfection and then elevate your veil game with my exclusive tips on care and showcasing—discover them in all their glory at the bottom of the page!

Elegance Unveiled: Mastering the Art of Wearing Your Rebecca Anne Veil

Your step-by-step guide...

  1. Hold it Right There!: Handle your single or double-tier veil by the comb—the discreet handstitching of the veil to the comb is designed to keep the edge hidden when worn. No need for dramatic unveilings here.

  2. Curve Appeal: The comb is no mere accessory. The curved design of the comb is a thoughtful detail, mirroring the natural curve of your head. This ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to wear your veil with versatility. Whether you choose an intricate updo, loose curls, or a sleek bun, the comb effortlessly adapts to your hairstyle

  3. Cascade Effect: Let the veil fall effortlessly over the top of the comb, creating a seamless aesthetic. Complete this essential step to guarantee your veil rests comfortably and securely in your hair. Having invested in this bespoke beauty, it's time to flaunt it right!

  4. Security Detail: Collaborate with your hairstylist on how to secure the veil - it's something important to discuss in your hair trial so make sure to fill them in on your exciting bespoke veil design. Each hair stylist has their own tricks and tips but I always advise using extra grips and pins strategically placed ensure your veil stays put during every move, from the first glance to the the first dance.

Exclusive Veil Top Tips from Rebecca

  • Minimalist Accessories: Less is more. Consider subtle additions like minimalist pins or small flowers to add a touch of modern elegance without overshadowing the veil's design. Some of my favourites are Tilly Thomas Lux, Victoria Louise and Claire Austin.

  • Match the Mood: Complement the style of your veil to the overall mood of your wedding. A cathedral-length veil may be perfect for a formal affair, while a shorter veil adds a touch of playfulness to a more casual celebration.

  • Match the Dress: Well, it's not always about 'matching' but certainly complementing. With years of experience styling brides, I am always happy to advise on veil styles. My favourite thing is to listen to all your ideas and help you to home them in to a final design idea. If you would like to talk all things veil, simply head to my contact page.

  • Location Matters: If you're embracing the outdoors, consider wind dynamics! Opt for a veil length that won't disrupt your vows or photo session. Keep it chic and definitely have those bridesmaids instructed and on hand!

  • Trial Run: Try and time your hair trial with the delivery of your veil so you can get a feel for your hair style before the big day. Get comfortable with its weight and movement, so you can confidently own the look when it matters most.

  • Secure with Care: While the comb provides a secure foundation, reinforce it with additional pins and grips. This ensures your veil stays in place, especially if you plan to dance the night away.

  • Veil Maintenance: Handle your veil with care to avoid snags or tears. Store it carefully hung on the gifted hanger and breathable garment bag that was sent with your design.

  • Confidence is Key: The veil is an extension of your style. Wear it with confidence, letting it enhance the modern magic of your wedding day. No fluff, just sleek sophistication. In my brides uncover a perfect blend of confidence and contemporary style, epitomising chic sophistication for a stylish celebration.

Here's to a day adorned with love, grace, and the perfectly worn veil.

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