Diamonds / Are Forever...

Over the past year or so, I have been incredibly lucky to have been asked on a number of incredible shoots. It's such an honour to work with so many fellow creatives, particularly when they are small independent businesses such as my own - that way you just know they also put their heart and soul into everything they offer.

My Cosmos veil was recently in a star studded shoot which also featured incredible diamond jewellery from Hatton Garden Jewellers - family run in all ways! The lovely Alex has kindly answered my burning questions about all things engagement rings... perhaps I'll pop it under my partners nose for an 'interesting' read...!


How did DHG start?

Hi Rebecca Anne, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We really enjoyed working with you on the shoot that seems an age ago! Diamonds Hatton Garden started over four decades ago as a family business. Based out of Israel, we had a strong connection to the jewellery industry for generations, as myself and my brothers grew up we decided to open our own businesses yet still work together. Our Hatton Garden jewellers are made up of our immediate and extended family and we work closely with my brothers who also have their own loose diamond companies across the world. It’s certainly a family affair!

What advice can DHG offer to those looking for engagement rings?

When a prospective groom arrives at our workshop I think that he is as interested in the creation of a piece as he is with the idea of marrying his love. It makes me proud to see the excitement on clients’ faces as they can see our teams creating pieces in front of their very eyes - an excitement and passion that we share. Of course, it could be seen as a distraction but it, for me, is a welcome one at that.

The very top tip I can offer my clients is to consider the 4cs. The price of diamonds is influenced by what is known as the 4 Cs - Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat. It is always a trade off in terms of the 4 Cs and we help each client to understand that if they go for a lower colour grade yet a higher clarity, for example, the diamond can and will still look beautiful. It is very rare that a client will ask for a D FL, the “perfect” diamond and we always work with the ideas and budget of a client.

How important is traditional craftsmanship in your works?

Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do and I see ourselves as continuing a long tradition of jewellery making. We work to understand each client and to help them to create their perfect piece of diamond jewellery. Inherent in what we do is a skill, a love and a passion of making beautiful objects that have a deeper meaning. Jewellery is certainly more than the sum of its parts. Take our fancy coloured diamonds, we are involved in each step of the process from the mining to the crafting to ensure the highest quality for each client.

What engagement ring styles do you see being popular over the next year?

Whilst fashions and styles come and go there is something that is very classic about engagement rings. We have noticed a return to the more traditional, white gold styles that have a beautiful centre stone with a pave setting. Classic and clean, the design is timeless! In terms of centre stones, pear, marquise and princess cuts are popular as they offer better value for clients and, importantly!, look bigger than say a round cut diamond.

Who would be your dream client?

Great question! I think that our dream client is a difficult one to say! We have worked with celebrities and the well heeled as well as “normal” people so we have had a wide range of clients from all walks of life. For us, the dream client is the one who comes to us and trusts us to help them find something special.

Thank you so much for this lovely insight into your beautiful business and, of course, The Rings! For more information, don't forget to visit for yourselves: