A dreamy, yet unexpected, wedding day: Maisie and Ques's story.

Maisie's dress designer contacted me with just under a month to go before the big day, enquiring about a veil on Maisie's behalf. Could I create a veil with Maisie's married surname and wedding date? Of course! If my schedule allows, I am always happy to squeeze in any rush orders!

On 22nd September, due the Government announcement of scaling back wedding guest numbers, I was alerted that Maisie and Ques had now decided to get married... in 5 days! I don't think I have ever made and delivered a bespoke veil so quickly. But my word was it worth it. Maisie and Ques pulled off the most beautiful wedding and it was such a privilege to be a part of.

To inspire anyone contemplating a smaller wedding day, here is their story in Maisie's own words...

Photos by Natalie J

3d lace dress worn with cathedral length personalised wedding veil

How would you describe your wedding day in 3 words?

Dreamy, intimate and unexpected.

Many couples postponed their 2020 weddings – what made you decide to continue to go ahead?

We just thought “what the hell” and went for it. Yes, it was sad that we couldn’t have all of our family and friends there but all the more reason to host a big party when we can. In the end, we decided that love wins whatever way that may be. So we scaled it back numbers wise and went for it. With having only 30 people it meant we could splash out on things we just wouldn’t be able to afford for 100 plus people.

There was a quick change to your wedding date… tell us more about that time…

Oh gosh, yes, a VERY quick change!

So, we were due to get married on 2nd October 2020. Two weeks before that date, Boris made his announcement about a tightening of restrictions, bringing weddings down to 15 effective from Monday 28th Sep. I freaked out! I’m one of 5 children, I have parents and step parents, nieces and nephews and 30 was already the bare bones of my side, let alone my husbands side, so 15 just wasn’t an option.

After a 5 minute meltdown, I got my arse into gear and started a mammoth phone call spree. I called the registrar first. She said they had one time slot left for 12pm on Sunday 27th Sep and she could hold it for me for 1 hour. From there I rang superstar Fiona, our wedding planner from Tissington Hall and she said they’ll make it work at Tissington and she sorted the caterers.

Next two on the list were Natalie, our incredible photographer and Catherina from My Eden Bridal who was making my beautiful dress. They were both fantastic and said “yes absolutely”. Catherina then contacted yourself and reorganised the veil. Then I called the lovely Debbie, our florist. This list went on and on. I spent an hour calling round all our suppliers to see if they could make the new date and they all said yes. I was just waiting for someone to say no, that it wouldn’t be possible. But that moment didn’t come. It was meant to be...we brought our wedding forward, so I went from having two weeks to sort the final touches to having about 5 days all in the space of an hour.

Wow, what an incredible turn around! So, how many guests were allowed at the time and who celebrated your wedding with you?

We were allowed 25 guests for the ceremony (this is because Bride, Groom, Photographer and 2 Registrars were included in the 30, annoyingly) So my mum, dad and step mum were there along with my husband's mum and dad. I had 3 bridesmaids (my 2 sisters and best friend) and Ques, my husband, had his best man. Then, we had my two big brothers and their wives, my aunt and uncle, nan, my brother in law, my great uncle and aunt and my nephews and 3 close friends. Afterwards for the reception we could have the full 30 guest so 2 more close friends joined us.

What was the funniest moment of your day?

It’s hard to pick just one, there were lots of giggles. We have this one picture where a few of us are really laughing and no one can remember what we were laughing about. The speeches were fab, Jamie, the best man, did a belter of a speech. And so did my older sister, Esme.

What advice would you give to couples deciding between postponing or keeping their original date with the possibility of having a smaller wedding day than originally planned?

Go for it! It was the best, most magical day of our lives and even if I could go back and do it over again with no restrictions, I wouldn’t. We can have a party and see everyone another time. But we truly celebrated love that day, with the group being so small you could just feel love and intimacy in the air and it really was magical. We got to enjoy speaking to every guest, having time as a couple, enjoying the venue, the food and the drinks. It was such a chilled day which I don’t think can always be said for big weddings.

Will you be planning a date in the future to celebrate your wedding with a larger party?

Yes we do want to host a big party and are planning it but obviously it’s all Covid dependent.

Photographer / Natalie J

Venue / Tissington Hall

Dress / My Eden Bridal

Veil / Rebecca Anne Designs

Florists / Passion Flowers

Cake / BAKE Ashbourne

Catering / The Red Olive