A Wedding Full Of Love: Charlotte and Tom's Story

Like many over the past year, Charlotte and Tom were forced to postpone their wedding. And, although it wasn't necessarily the wedding day they had initially planned, they embraced the challenges and had the most beautiful wedding day. Hear it directly from Charlotte herself how small weddings can be just as special as a grand affair.

Photos by Love Luella

How would you describe your wedding day in 3 words?

Full. Of. Love.

Many couples postponed their 2020 and 2021 weddings – what made you decide to continue to go ahead?

We were ready to get married. We’d postponed from August 2020 and did not want to postpone again. Both Tom & I knew that it was the best decision for us and even though there were lots of challenges, we knew in our hearts that Saturday 3rd April 2021 was our date.

Although the changes meant your day wasn't how it was originally planned - what unexpected positives came from that?

We had the most magical day! Looking back at our day now, it was truly perfect. It felt very intimate & so special. We were able to fully embrace every moment as we weren’t led by a strict timeline that can often be the case with a bigger wedding. This meant that after our ceremony we were able to chat with guests & have photos captured, and we all traveled to our (would have been) venue for photos & it was simply amazing. I cannot describe how special it felt to have our closest family & friends with us! It also felt even more special being one of the first few weddings to go ahead in 2021 & I think that excitement was embraced by our suppliers as well as us.

I was also SO nervous when I arrived at the church & so full of emotion, so looking back now, the thought of walking down the aisle in front of 70 people would have probably been too overwhelming!

How many guests were allowed at the time and who celebrated your wedding with you?

Our ceremony numbers were based on the capacity of the church (under restrictions in Wales) and so we were actually allowed 44 guests, however we chose to have 20 of our nearest & dearest.

We had our bridal party (2x bridesmaids, my Mum & Tom’s Mum), the groomsmen (best man, 2x ushers, my Dad & my Step-Dad) and then a mix of close friends & family. We also had our videographer and photographer with us for the day, which was lovely!

What was the funniest moment of your day?

Our photographer was amazing at getting everyone involved in some of the formal shots and for the bridal & groomsmen shots, we played a game of Chinese whispers! There was definitely a troublemaker in the line somewhere as some of the things that one of our poor groomsmen had to shout out were hilarious!

Another moment was for one shot, our photographer asked if I’d be able to sit on the grass and (luckily!) our videographer had a cushion in his car (!?) so ran to get it for me to sit on. Obviously after Tash had captured the shots, I had to get up and poor John had the job of heaving me back up again! Not my most elegant moment in a wedding dress! Definitely a “had to be there” moment but still makes me chuckle now!

What was the most emotional moment of your day?

Walking up the aisle. Without a shadow of a doubt this moment was when ALL the emotion hit. A mix of excitement, nerves, love, happiness all wrapped in one. By the time I got to Tom, my face was wet with tears but he wiped them away for me and my heart felt so full!

Will you be planning a date in the future to celebrate your wedding with a larger party?

Yes! We’ve postponed our reception to our First anniversary. So all our suppliers (venue, marquee, caterers, band etc) were all postponed to next April so that we can continue the celebrations with more of our family & friends! We’re basically having our full wedding day, just minus the ceremony and we feel SO lucky that we get to experience all the love again.

In the lead up to your wedding you launched The Bridal Mindset (of which I am a huge fan!). What is it and what was the inspiration behind it?

Eeek, thank you! Well, being on the same emotional rollercoaster as many, many couples experiencing wedding unknowns, uncertainties & facing so many barriers, I was really fortunate to be able to draw upon my skills as a cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT) to help me manage the stress. I was talking to so many other brides/grooms in the same situation of having to postpone and the sad reality is that a lot of them were struggling. The Bridal Mindset came from wanting to give couples the opportunity to access tips to manage this unique stress whilst allowing themselves to feel the excitement! A huge belief of mine is that we should never deny ourselves the excitement and so I wanted to create a space whereby couples could get some solid tips and wedding inspo, whilst feeling all the vibes & excitement for their weddings, no matter the circumstance.

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Bridal Hair: @megancolejoneshair

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